Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tech Geek Update

Several posts ago, I wrote about how much of a Tech Geek I have become. (For a reminder of my geekiness, click here.) Well, I've got an update for you.

In that previous post, I spoke of my love of TweetDeck and showed the wonderful gadget with much praise for it allows you to keep up with several Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts.

But alas, I have found something new. A new toy that has won my heart over.


Seesmic is very similar to TweetDeck, and for the average geek (or social media nut), I don't think it would truly matter which gizmo one would use.

Like TweetDeck, Seesmic allows you to keep up with multiple Twitter accounts as well as Facebook accounts. However, you can't connect with your MySpace account on Seesmic. (But I don't have one, so that's no problem for me.)

What Seesmic offers over TweetDeck is the ability to connect and update any Facebook fan pages you manage or or an administrator for. For me as a SID, this is a pretty sweet deal.

I love working a game and being able to update fans on our Twitter and Facebook accounts all at the same time and with just once click of a mouse.

So, boys and girls, there's your Tech Geek update for the day. For quick communication with fans, go with Seesmic. You'll be glad you did. LOL


  1. HI there,
    Just FYI, TweetDeck has been able to post updates to Facebook Fan pages too for the last month or so :)

  2. OIC ... Obviously, they made the update and change after I switched