Monday, August 16, 2010

Words can not express

Indulge me as I speak straight from my heart for a bit.

Thirteen years ago today, Genople Wagers accepted my hand in marriage. Little did we know what a wild, crazy ride it would and continues to be.

There is no doubt my beautiful bride had an inking about what she was signing up for when we wed on that hot, August afternoon. I know I sure didn't.

During the first five years of marriage, we moved twice and dealt with me losing a job and being unemployed for three months before becoming the sports information director at Union College. Oh, and we welcomed the birth of our first child, Jayson.

And as I begin my 12th year at Union, words can not express how amazing my bride has been and continues to be. I realize there a lot of professions that are difficult on the spouse and family, but outside of the military and public service (police, firefighter and medical), I believe there aren't too many as taxing as being the spouse of a SID.

While the life of an athlete and coach can eat up large portions of a person's life, the SID seems to always be 'in season,' especially from August to May (and in some cases to even June). There are days when I leave the house before the family is up and get home after they are in bed. On days like those, the only times I talk with my bride is either briefly on the phone, by text message and for the few seconds it takes her to get up from the couch-where she's been waiting for me to get home, to the bed.

I make no bones about it. Genople, my bride for now 13 years, runs and keeps our home in order. Oh, I attempt to help around the house. I mow the lawn, do the dishes once in a while, help with the laundry occasionally, but my contributions are minimal at best because if I am home, I'm either hidden by my laptop or trying to play/spend time with Jayson and Haylee before they go to bed.

My lovely bride takes care of the housework, cares for our kids, fixes the majority of our meals and works a full-time job as well.

And she's great at all of it.

But above all of that, Genople is my best friend, my partner, my soul mate. It is frightening how much we think alike, from simple things like what we're in the mood for dinner to the big issues in life such as how to raise our children.

When I was single, I never understood why people told me that my future wife better be a sports fan. Am I a sports fan? Duh. I work in sports, I'd better LOVE sports. But why did my wife 'have to be a sports fan?' Let me just say, Genople is in no way, shape or form a sports fan. She can take it or leave; it's no big whoop for her. And I love that about her. It brings great balance and perspective to my life, helps me see the bigger picture of things.

Honestly, I am not sure how my bride puts up with me and my chosen profession. But I know I could not do what I do if not for her love, support and encouragement. Being a SID is not for the faint of heart, but being a spouse of a SID is such a demanding role the accolades and attributes required go on for infinity. If there was a SID Spouse Hall of Fame, there is no doubt Genople would get inducted in the first-year of eligibility.

Genople, you are my superstar.

So to my bride on our 13th wedding anniversary, I love you, Genople, more than you can ever know. Thank you for the best 13 years of my life and I can't wait to find out what the next 50-60 years have in store for us.

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