Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 15 minutes of fame

I laugh when I think about this and share this. But being who I am, I must share it.

Yesterday, I was quoted for a story on Yes, the official website for Major League Baseball quoted me in a story. (Guess I can check that off my bucket list. Of course, always thought I'd 1.) be a star athlete and/or 2.) a reporter writing stories for - which may still happen one day, who knows.)

When explain how all this came about, you might get a chuckle out of it as well. I mean, it all snowballed after a simple 'tweet.'

Yesterday morning, I received an email from saying the new line of MLB batting practice hats are out. This caused great excited for me because I love the styles and designs of the BP hats and because I love hats. (Ask my wife, she'll confirm this. LOL)

After checking out the designs, I sent out a simple tweet on my Twitter account which simply read:

the new @MLB BP hats are out for 2010 ( Must say the #Astros' new cap looks the coolest. Like #Twins & #Rockies hats 2

In all honesty, I was just hoping for a retweet from MLB. I thought the person manning the MLB Twitter account would think my tweet was cute and retweet it. Really, no big whoop.

Well, someone at MLB did like my tweet. So much so that they contacted me asking me to elaborate my thoughts on my tweet for a story about the new BP hats.

And so, for those who have not seen it, here's a link to the story.

P.S. Thanks to Mark Newman for including me on this story. Much appreciated.

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