Monday, February 14, 2011

Customer service goes a long way

First and foremost, let me just say I am not a big fan of the DakStats software. Their stats software has improved over the years and having a national statistics website for the NAIA is great, but I love Stat Crew and their product for in-game stats keeping. As far as stat software products go, Stat Crew is the best in my humble opinion.

That said, one thing DakStats does do extremely well - and better than any other stats software company I have ever dealt with - is how the work and deal with their customers.

The thing is, I make it no secret of my feelings about DakStats. I've shared my thoughts, feelings, complaints and rants with them. And to my surprise, they listen and try to make their product better.

(I say "to my surprise" because unfortunately too many companies don't listen and completely dismiss what the consumer has to say.)

DakStats' willingness to listen and help fix the issues I've encountered is especially refreshing because we - and by 'we' I mean 'SIDs' - are a captive audience/consumer base. The number of companies which produce stats software are few and far between (I can count them on one hand). We have to use one to do our jobs, and if you are in the NAIA, you have to use DakStats to at least report your school's stats to the conference and national office.

It would be easy for a company to dismiss the complaints and problems of a 'captive' market, but DakStats is not doing that.

Recently, I had an issue websyncing Union's baseball stats. When I tried to report them, I received an odd error message; one I hadn't seen before from DakStats. After emailing back-and-forth with Nancy at DakStats, it was determined the issued lied with trying to websync using a broadband mobile card.

Yet, what made the situation maddening is the fact I had been able to websync basketball stats using the broadband mobile card just fine moments before.

Nancy did some research and found that the issue could be with the settings on the broadband mobile card. She shared with me what she found and gave me the steps to check things out on my card. A couple of clicks later, I was websyncing baseball stats with no issues whatsoever.

For this, I believe Nancy and DakStats should be applauded.

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