Thursday, March 25, 2010

Multi-tasker, thy name is Jay

It is amazing the things you do as a SID. What I find most amazing is the number of things a SID does ... at one time.

SIDs do a ton of juggling. I mean a ton.


A whole heaping lot.

I really wish I could list everything we do, but then again, if I did, I would likely go into a deep depression. But think about it. SIDs are a jack of all trades, especially at the small-college level. Here is a sampling of some of the duties SIDs fulfill:
  • Staff writing,
  • Crisis manager,
  • Public relations manager,
  • Web designer,
  • Graphic designer,
  • Copy editor,
  • Photographer,
  • Archiver,
  • Statistician,
  • Press row/box manager,
  • Public address announcer,
  • Sound technician,
  • Biographer,
  • Broadcaster - play-by-play and/or color ... sometimes both at the same time,
  • And other duties as specified.
I tried to make the list longer, but it was really hard to classify some of the things SIDs do. We also tend to be computer and copier techs because we supposedly know so much about all things 'techie.' (Actually, it's because we always seem to be in front of a laptop, and therefore we obviously know it all.)

The fact of the matter is, as SIDs, we are asked to and required to multiple tasks at time. In all honesty, I do not what I would do if had just ONE project to work on.

For example, at our home baseball games, I stat the contest, do PA and tweet the happenings of the games on Twitter and Facebook for our fans abroad to keep up with things. Actually, I don't just stat the games, I double stat. I keep the stats in Stat Crew for our official stats but use DakStats for live stats.

(I know it seems odd to double stat a game, but I ONLY do this for baseball since it is a much slower pace than the other sports. Live stats in Stat Crew does not work well with our website, plus I'm not a fan of paying every year to buy the updated version. DakStats is easy to do live stats, and since we've got to pay to use it every year since we are a NAIA institution, I figure I might as well use it.)

In addition to all those 'duties' at a baseball game, I'll download the photos and get one ready for the release and start piecing the release together, especially during a doubleheader.

I don't know what is more frightening: the fact I juggle so much or the fact I enjoy multi-tasking. Truthfully, I don't know what to do with myself when I am at a game with little to nothing to do.

When I worked at the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament First and Second Rounds in 2007, I got bored. My responsibilities were to get quotes from players and coaches and then type them up for the media. That took all of 20-30 minutes, meaning I had a lot of time to kill. Yes, I got to watch the majority of the games, but when you're used to statting, tweeting and blogging during a game, it gets a little boring just sitting and watching a game with no laptop in front of you. I roamed the arena, checked out the concessions, souvenirs, the media room and all the inner workings of the place.

I really worry for my bride when and if I ever retired. I'm pretty sure I'll drive her insane.

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