Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sometimes you just can't help but to laugh

Before I dive into this blog post, let me just say that it is not my intention to throw anyone under the bus. Some things are beyond our control, and sometimes there are a series of events that previously were thought to be unrelated which conspire to create a perfect storm. In other words, THINGS HAPPEN!

I share this as a reminder of Murphy's Law, and in this case - Murphy's Law for SIDs.

For those uninitiated into what Murphy's Law for SIDs is, it is the belief that whatever can go wrong will go wrong ... ON GAME DAY.

Since we are a small school and I'm currently a one-man shop (at least until Feb. 8), I rarely travel with our teams. Generally, it has to be for special occasions, postseason tournaments, etc., for me to travel with a team.

For our most recent basketball road games, I seriously considered going primarily because our women's basketball star player was on the verge of becoming the school's all-time leading scorer - men's and women's.

However, I decided against traveling due to it being crossover season, there are a ton of events I am having to gear up for and I need to get things lined up and organized (a.k.a. cleaning the office) for the arrival of my new assistant. So, I didn't go.

I am paying big time for that.

When I got home last night from AWANA at our church, I opened my email thinking I'll have the box score to the recently ended women's basketball game. But what I was greeted with was an email from their school's SID apologizing.

Apologizing for what, you ask?

They were apologizing for the fact that their stats computer crashed right before the game, and by the time they got another in place, they had missed the first half and were only able to stat the second. They added that they would watch the film the next morning to stat the first half and then send the stats then.

I was OK about this and wasn't freaking out about it. I mean, things happen, right? And they're going to get me the stats, right?

Then, this morning, our women's basketball coach comes into my office to inform me that when they went to stat the first half there was nothing on the DVD except pregame warmups, halftime and some people milling around after the game.

For those who can figure out what happened with the film, the person filming was recording when they thought it was paused and had it paused when they thought it was recording. (I can't get upset with the person who filmed the game because I've done this as well. Not for a game but for a person's birthday party when I used a camera different than one I was used to and operated completely opposite.)

So, for one of the most historical nights in program history (our women's basketball player broke the record), we do not have accurate stats or video evidence.

Oy vay.

Life happens, and like I said, sometimes you just can't help but to laugh.

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