Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random thoughts from the mind of a SID

For some reason, I just feel inspired to share with you the thoughts that run through my mind today. So, I'm going to keep this opening and add to it when the mood strikes and post it when I head home this afternoon.

So, now we will enter the mind of this SID. Be afraid, very afraid. :-)

1. It's amazing how I can have my whole day planned out with many a tasks to be crossed off the never-ending to-do list only to have it wrecked by what someone considers a "simple, little request."

2. I'm addicted to Twitter. Just putting that out there.

3. The MLB season should be year-round now. That's why we have domes, right???

4. Speaking of domes, I understand the Twins wanting a new stadium and having the option of an open-air ballpark. But would it not have made sense to have a retractable roof as well? I mean, they are in Minnesota and it SNOWS there in April, sometimes in May and in October.

5. Looking over box scores from last night's game. Our men's team shot the ball well (54%) from the floor and had 10 steals to the opponents' five. However, when a team is called for 39 fouls and the opposition makes 40 - that's FOUR-ZERO - free throws on 55 attempts, odds are you are going to loss. Union did. By five.

6. You know it's a road game when your opponent MAKES 15 more free throws than you ATTEMPT.

7. How does a basketball team combine to play 212 minutes when there is no overtime? (For those non-SIDs who might be reading this, in a regulation basketball game a team will combine to play 200 minutes. That's 40 minutes - the length of a collegiate game, times five - the number of players on the floor at all times. Each overtime period will add 25 minutes to the team total.) Also, on that some note, when there are just 40 minutes for a single player to be in the game, how can one accumulate 46 and/or 42 minutes of playing time?

8. Another interesting question fresh from the box scores: how does a player get any stats at all if they did not play in the game?

9. Taco Bell is the bomb.

10. I'm amazed that I'm now at No. 10 and this will be my first mention the sweet nectar of the gods - COFFEE!!!

11. The folks at PETA must take some really good drugs. Otherwise, how do you explain this?

12. I enjoy seeing Christmas decorations, but if a bow is as big as your front door, you need either 1.) get a smaller bow or 2.) get a bigger door.

13. Ah, No. 13 ... my favorite number. My all-time favorite player who wore number No. 13? Lance Parrish of the Detroit Tigers. I was a big fan of the Tigers in the 1980s, in large part due to Sparky Anderson.

14. Music helps keeps me sane. Love listening to tunes while working. As long as they're not being whistled - right Steve? ;-)

15. When you put your iTunes player on shuffle, the musical combinations can be some crazy ones.

16. Some coffee would be good about now. Think I'll go see if there's some made.

17. Sadly, there is no coffee made.

18. No I didn't fix any coffee, not because I'm lazy but rather it's kind of close to time to head home. I'll wait until then to get me some java.

19. I really do not like doing releases listing players and team rankings in the conference and nation. Sure it's good publicity, but could there be a more tedious story to write?

20. Well, thoughts are done for the day. This was kind of fun. Maybe in a week or so I blog about how I put off cleaning my office.

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  1. Yes, whistling sucks.

    I'm glad you posted these 20 items rather than hashing them all out person-to-person :)